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I grew up and went to college in Tallahassee, Florida, capital of the Sunshine State. During college I had the opportunity to buy a small condo, and this experience is what planted the seed that would later grow into my career in real estate, although it took a few years before I got to where I am now. Owning property at such a young age provided me with stability and security that made college easier and more enjoyable. I was never stressed about where I would live next year, what it would cost me to move, what my new rent would be. Ultimately, my goal as a real estate broker is to share these benefits with everyone.

After living in my home town for a quarter of a decade, I developed wanderlust and set my eyes on the Pacific North West. I spent several years living in Seattle (you may notice I still have a 206 phone number) before moving to Portland in 2018 to pursue my career in real estate. This profession has been everything that I could have hoped for. I love the excitement and the pace.  I love working side by side with my clients, learning about their needs and wants, so I can deliver the highest level of service. I bring enthusiasm and professionalism to my work everyday, and in turn I am rewarded with personal satisfaction.

A side benefit for working in real estate has been the opportunity to volunteer for different community causes. I do administrative volunteering for Central City Concern because I believe everyone deserves a stable place to call home. I became the secretary of the local chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America because I want to fight for more inclusive housing. I partner with Stone Soup PDX, because they provide food service training to people at risk of homelessness. And their food is delicious.