Nicole Harris

Nicole HarrisLicensed Assistant

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Nicole took a chance on Portland. In 1999 while living in Yosemite National Park, Nicole drew straws as to where the next city would be to call home.  Luckily for her, it was Portland! She had never been before, but packed up her Volvo and never looked back. Nicole pursued a career in Real Estate because it brought together all of her personal and professional passions together- living in the city of Portland.  She was raised in a family of Contractors, and a Mother obsessed with restoring homes and furniture. This influence had a huge impact on her and she grew to love and appreciate the importance of finding a sense of home.

Nicole always finds something new to try and is currently taking macramé lessons.  She enjoys cooking, camping, traveling, live music, and relaxing at home with her 3 legged Tabby Maple, and her dimwitted Siamese, Bowie.