Valerie Hilligan

Valerie HilliganLicensed Assistant

  • 971-808-9820

I didn’t know real estate was ​my calling​ until I bought a run-down starter home and spent the next five years ​happily ​renovating it. ​​I soon left behind a successful career in graphic design to go into real estate and I haven’t regretted it for a second!​ ​I’m passionate about historic architecture and my guiding motivations are preserving the beautiful physical history of this town​, and keeping Portland residents in Portland. Our team is here to help people fulfill their dreams of home ownership.​ ​When not working​ ​to help you​ ​buy or sell a home I can be found​ ​with my husband​, ​our son​,​ and our ungrateful ​yet adorable cats​ ​working on ​​our 189​5​ North Portland ​Victorian.