5 Things We Love About Portland

5 Things We Love About Portland

Love is in the air and today and Think is celebrating why we love Portland.

Whether you’re a Portland native, a lover of the “old Portland” or a recent transplant, you came to Portland (or you stayed) for a reason. And hopefully, that reason is that you’ve come to love what this city has to offer.

Here are just a few things that we love.

The bridges -- all 12 of them.

Portland is the city of bridges after all so this one better be on the list. Sure it can be a pain when a bridge is up and you’re already running late for an appointment across the river, but honestly, we are more than willing to make that compromise because… have you seen them? Each one has its own personality and everyone has their own favorite. According to Tyra Grove, walking across the Broadway Bridge is one of her favorite things to do.


Playing Peek-A-Boo with the big mountains.

Right now Mt. Hood looks absolutely majestic covered in gleaming white snow. It’s a view that can still put you in awe even after years. It’s really something to look forward on bright, clear days.

Charity Chesnek agrees. She says she falls in love with Portland all over again, every time she catches a glimpse of Mt. Hood, St. Helens or Mt. Rainier.


“You can let your freak flag fly at any time and nobody bats an eye”

- Shannon Sansoterra.

There are so many avenues in Portland to make your individually known. From eclectic fashion to the annual naked bike ride to the classic skate park nestled under the Burnside Bridge. Portland takes its weirdness seriously but welcomes other weirdness and lets that flourish, too.

We are also No. 2 for the Gayest City in America coming in right behind San Francisco for the largest LGBTQ community in the country and have the first openly bisexual Governor. If that’s not making our freak flag known then please tell us what we’re missing.


All of the birds that make their home in our enormous parks and endless tree

While walking through the Park blocks when the crows have returned can sometimes feel like you’re walking through the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds. Portland is an urban center that is getting literally greener, thanks to organizations like Friends of Trees.

Gina Sander says Portland is her favorite because “it has an abundance of her two favorite things: trees and burgers!”

And have you spent an evening in late August looking at the migrating Vaux’s Swifts that roost in the chimney at Chapman Elementary School? One population has been returning to Chapman every year since the 1980s.


Burgers & Bars & Beer

Although we are sad to see some beloved Portland Breweries shutting their doors because of increased competition, that still means there is a lot of good beer and good burgers.

WalletHub named us No. 1 Foodie City in America (we were happy to see that west coast (best coast) cities made up the majority of the top 10) for the diversity of our food options, quality, and price. And with so many options for imbibing, from old school dive bars like the Kenton Club to new and fancy cocktail bars in Northeast there is a perfect beer and a perfect burger for every mood.