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Updates on Senate Bill 608: State-Wide Rent Control

Historic tenant protections are getting closer in Oregon. On Tuesday, February 12, the Oregon Senate passed SB 608 in a 17-11 vote. Now it will move on to the Oregon House. According to OPB, “Senate Bill 608 is now expected to sail through the Oregon House of Representatives, the more left-leaning chamber,…

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5 Things We Love About Portland

Love is in the air and today and Think is celebrating why we love Portland. Whether you’re a Portland native, a lover of the “old Portland” or a recent transplant, you came to Portland (or you stayed) for a reason. And hopefully, that reason is that you’ve come to love what this…

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Breaking New Ground: Gov. Kate Brown Announces New Housing Plan

“Together, we can make Oregon a place where every child has a safe and stable place to call home.” This week, Gov. Brown released an “aspirational” housing plan called “Breaking New Ground” to help thousands of Oregonians find “stable housing.” During her announcement, she called the plan “ambitious and historic” recognizing the…

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Rent Control Passes Senate Committee

“Oregonians cannot afford to wait another year … They are losing their housing now,” said House Speaker Tina Kotek. Kotek is a key lawmaker pushing forward Senate Bill 608 — the bill that would bring state-wide rent control to Oregon. Monday, the bill passed through the Oregon Senate’s Housing Committee sending it…

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Market Snapshot: 97210 NW Portland

This week we take a closer look at the zip code of 97210 in Northwest Portland which includes the neighborhoods of: Hillside, Forest Park, Northwest Industrial and a little more than half of Northwest District (parts of which include Nob Hill and the Alphabet District). This part of Northwest Portland includes residential…

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Market Snapshot: 97211 NE Portland

This week we take a closer look at the zip code of 97211 in North/Northeast Portland which includes the neighborhoods of: Woodlawn, Concordia, Vernon, King, and Alberta Arts. Plus the neighborhoods of Bridgeton, East Columbia and Sunderland that are all north of Columbia Blvd., near the Columbia River. This area of inner…

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