All About Data

All About Data: PRICE TRENDS

Welcome to the third installment of our new series: All About Data! This week we’re talking about Price Trends. Now that we have an understanding of why we use Median prices (click here for last week’s post!), let’s look at how we use Median Sales Price data to identify trends in the…

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All About Data: PRICES!

Welcome to the second installment of our new series: All About Data! Last week we introduced our new Think Heat Map and this week we’re talking about PRICES: In real estate there are two different price metrics we have available to us: Median Sales Price and Average Sales Price. We prefer to…

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Introducing Think’s new series: All About Data!

We at Think love data and education and we are very excited to introduce a new tool we’ve developed! Below is our Think Heat Map. You may be wondering, what is a heat map? A heat map is a way to organize data in a visual way to highlight trends or abnormalities…

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