FREE Workshop: Prevent Lead Poisoning in Your Home

Before 1978 nearly all paint used in homes in the US contained lead, and nearly 80% of homes in Multnomah County were built prior to 1978. Lean poisoning is a major environmental health threat to children – it impacts brain development, and can lead to learning disabilities, behavioral problems and a host…

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Portland Neighborhoods

Portland Monthly has put together the definitive collection of neighborhood statistics for all of Portland and the suburbs. In addition to the regularly reported statistics — median home price, population density, etc. — there are some truly unique gems to be found. Did you know that Hayden Island has the highest median age in…

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Nominate Think!

Willamette Week is naming their annual Best of Portland Top 200 list. Nominate Think as Best Real Estate Company and pick your favorite agent too! To vote, click this Nominate Us! button, scroll down to Best Real Estate Company and enter Think. You have until March 31st to nominate. Thank you for your support!

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City of Portland Adding $2.7m to Fund Housing Emergency

Today the Portland City Council will consider a budget amendment that would add an additional $2.7M in funding to combat Portland’s housing emergency.  The money would help fund homeless shelters, property purchases, short-term rent assistance and other programs. The funding would come from the Portland Development Commission ($1.1M) and a settlement the city received…

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West-Coast Mayors Ask for $450m for Affordable Housing

The “West Coast Alliance of Mayors” – a group of mayors (including Portland’s Charlie Hales) from Eugene, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland and Honolulu – has officially asked the federal government for an additional $450 million in funding for affordable housing. The request includes funds for: Rental assistance…

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Tiny House Movement

There has been a lot of talk lately about the Tiny House Movement. Tiny houses are popping up all over Portland, so why are they so popular? Green Living Ideas put together some tips for understanding tiny houses and whether a tiny house is for you! Green Living Ideas: Strategies For Thinking About A…

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