Group Unveils "Albina Vision" Plan to Restore Rose Quarter Neighborhood

Group Unveils "Albina Vision" Plan to Restore Rose Quarter Neighborhood

A group of local citizens has announced an ambitious plan for a 30-acre section of the Rose Quarter. The plan aims to restore the area to a version of the largely residential neighborhood that existed 60 years ago, before it was razed to build the Moda Center and Memorial Coliseum.

Backed by Rukaiyah Adams (chief investment officer with the Meyer Memorial Trust) and Zari Santner (former Portland Parks Bureau director), the "Albina Vision" hopes to "rebuild a community, not just physical spaces" and "be honest about the destruction of this neighborhood, not back away from that history."

The plan will keep the Memorial Coliseum and Moda Center, but build new streets and buildings in the areas around them. It will also include a large "cap" covering I-5, Interstate Ave., and the railroad tracks; it would stretch from NE Clackamas Street north to beyond NE Broadway Ave. and west to the riverfront. The cap would provide public access to the river, create new buildings and streets, and move existing parking underground.

To see more details of the plan, visit ‘Albina Vision’ would restore historic Rose Quarter neighborhood, put biking and walking first

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