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I am in this business because I love it. With a passion. Nothing in this world satisfies me more than knowing my clients are ecstatic with their real estate experience. Over the years, my real estate business has evolved into a hands-on, full customer-service model, and I have worked extensively with 1st time home buyers as well as veterans of real estate transactions. I bring to the table a background of over 14 years of real estate sales in the heart of Portland, 15 years of fine dining service, and nearly a decade as a carpenter with one of Portland’s most celebrated residential green builders. I have been guiding customers with honor and integrity for decades, and have literally built homes from the ground up. This skill set has proved to be an invaluable asset to both buyers and sellers. My transportation preference is a bicycle, but I fear neither cars nor walking shoes.

I am a wilderness hiker and a rain-or-shine biker, a crossword puzzler and relentless insomniac. I like tinkering with my rickety old house and in my rickety old garden. Born in the land of Springsteen, I fled to Portland in ’94 and have lived in my home in the NE King neighborhood since ’97. I have been blessed with an exceptionally patient wife and two amazing sons who are now taller, smarter and funnier than their father. Immersed in the environmental and equal rights movements for over 20 years, I am currently active in the local bicycling and active transportation community. I’m for real, and give my clients exceptional service from day 1 to day 10,000. 100% guaranteed.