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Hi, my name is Esperanza, but you can call me Essie!

I am a born and raised Portland native, who currently resides in Beaverton with my sweet children and husband. I enjoy the outdoors and snowboarding in the winter.  Shopping at Target is my favorite sport and finding the best tacos around town makes me happy. I love sneakers, but wouldn’t call myself a “Sneakerhead”. I am an introverted extrovert (it’s a thing, I promise) and even though I’m introverted, I can still talk your ear off. And lastly, you should know that I am an UNO champ, and no one, I repeat NO ONE, is exempt from getting beat in a game of UNO. I take these same competitive skills and use them wisely when trying to get my clients the best deal possible on their new home.

I believe that Real Estate is more than just selling a house to a client. It’s about building life long, authentic connections with clients who become friends, neighbors and community members. I want the best for my clients, and I want them to feel at home with Essie.