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Planting roots? First-time homebuyer? Downsizing? Ready to start your real estate portfolio? The paths vary. Client’s needs vary. The market varies. My dedication to your cause will not. I will be there with you every step of the way. Like a sherpa leading a climber to the summit, I will be there for the exciting times – woo hoo! Inspection passed. Like a trainer counseling her top fighter I will also be there for the hard times – bummer, we got outbid. On to the next! With a positive outlook and effectual work ethic, I will help lead you to your summit – whatever that may be.

Prior to working at Think Real Estate, I worked at Dennison Capen Group where I honed my real estate skills by helping buyers achieve homeownership or expand their investment portfolios. Having an interior design background, I worked closely with the listing team through design consultations to determine which updates would yield the highest return.

I am a Portland transplant from Los Angeles (shh don’t tell anyone) who fell in love with the charming neighborhoods and Old Portland homes one summer back in 2015. Having seasons and plenty of hiking spots were the deciding factors to move to the PNW in 2016. I still wake up and have a heart of gratitude knowing I chose the PNW as my home.

When I’m not selling real estate, I’m jogging around the neighborhood, savoring Portland’s food scene, or exploring the cascades.