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I moved to Portland in the 80s, a refugee of Chicago winters, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I selflessly and tirelessly visit restaurants, coffee shops, tile stores, shoe stores, etc. to make sure I know what’s going on in Portland’s many distinct neighborhoods. I’m passionate about making Portland the most pet friendly city in the country. Before selling real estate I worked for seventeen years as an emergency/critical care veterinarian. There is absolutely no better negotiation training-ground than dealing with life and death situations involving large amounts of money with people you just met, all at three in the morning. None.

I’m fascinated with homes and how we live – figuring out what’s important and bringing that front and center, whether it’s a neighborhood with the highest walkability score, a kitchen for two to cook in and room to entertain friends , space for a garden and all the pets, a fixer you can fix exactly the way you want or maybe a clean, modern condo that makes no demands. Whatever we tell ourselves about how we want our life to be I’m all for seeing how close you can get and giving it a try. Life is short – why not aim for making it as sweet as possible?

I love Portland, love houses and relish being an insider in the Portland real estate market. I’ve rehabbed houses and owned rentals for years and still think real estate is the most solid long-term investment you can make (everyone should consider the rental as college fund idea!). My business is 100% referral and I keep my clients by helping them buy and sell smart; sometimes the house you fall in love with is not the right house for you. My clients are lifetime clients – they refer parents, sisters and friends in New York considering a move to Portland (we’re the New Yorker’s version of a fairy tale – a creative city with cool, walkable neighborhoods and affordable housing). I want clients to call me during a renovation to make sure they’re making the right choices, call with questions about their garden, for reassurance that they’ve found just the right shade of green, advice on what kind of dog they should get…no one has ever accused me of not having an opinion.

I live in the Clinton/Division neighborhood with my partner Martina in a 1909 Craftsman full of pets, too many plants in the garden and never enough books. I love being home, picking out yet another set of color, planning the next remodeling project and one day finishing my novel (set in Burger King in the 70s – can’t wait to read it, can you?) and always, always thinking about houses.