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Hi! Okay – I’m totally a “things don’t happen by accident” type of person so I’m stoked that you’re here, reading this, because something has brought you to this place and that is exciting! Either someone referred me to you and you’re doing your research (smart kid!) or you were just scrolling through us agents to find a good fit and something about my photo drew you in. Which was likely the champagne and that is a good sign that we are going to get along great! ?

Here’s the deal – Anyone can help you buy/sell a house but if you ask me, the vibe is EVERYTHING! This is an intimate process that can have you feeling all of the things! So get someone you trust. Someone who sees you, hears you, communicates with you and most importantly has fun with you! Can you imagine spending a bunch of time with someone that you can’t relate to?! Yikes. Okay okay, I’m done with my rant on that.

My name is Mercedes and I’ve been in the biz since 2016 and couldn’t think of a better career for me. Unless it was like a professional taco taster but, here we are. I originally got into real estate because I love people and houses but it also created flexibility for me to raise my babies. Yes, two of them. And they’re both the sweetest gremlins you’ll ever meet. Real Estate and the people that come along with it have been one of the best things to happen to me. I am so grateful for all the experiences and the friendships I’ve made along the way. My clients are not just another transaction, they are my people. I care for them, fight for them and protect them. And of course, have a damn good time!

Thanks for being here and I look forward to you becoming one of my people, too.

From my heart to yours,